Rubber Extrusion Profiles/Tool Library

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Standard Extrusion Profiles

 Cab Tyres & Equestrian
(25 Profiles)

 Environmental & Canals

Rigid PVC Boat Fender

 Flexi PVC Boat Fender

Industrial & Marine

Seals, Windows, Weighbridge, Containers & Covers

 General Extrusion


 Bespoke Extrusion

D & DD/B Sections



Squares, Rectangles & Bricks Grabs


U Channel

Bespoke Extrusion Variants

 Bespoke Angles

Bespoke Cab Tyres

 Bespoke Circle Sectors

Bespoke Clamp Rubbers

Bespoke Door Seals

 Bespoke E Profile

 Bespoke Glazing

 Bespoke H Profile

 Bespoke Hollow B

Bespoke Hollow D

Bespoke Inserts

 Bespoke P & Tadpoles

Bespoke Solid B

 Bespoke Solid D

Bespoke Squares & Rectangles

Bespoke T Profile

Bespoke Tubes

Bespoke U Channel

Bespoke Wedges

Other Bespoke Profiles

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