Silicone Cord

Silicone Cord

Product Description

Silicone rubber has so many impressive properties. It can withstand high and low temperatures, remaining malleable at minus temperatures and can operate and function normally at temperatures of 200 degrees.

Our Silicone cord is highly sought out by various industries but predominately the food, medical and pharmaceutical.

These industries must meet strict guidelines and our silicone rubber is FDA and WRAS-approved meaning it will remain odourless and won’t react with food or drinking water.

We can supply a wide range of cord sizes ranging from 1mm in diameter up to 195mm in diameter since we manufacture in-house at our factory in Norwich, United Kingdom.


Silicone Cord can be used for applications like:

  • Food processing
  • Oven seals
  • Packaging
  • Water treatment


Features of our Silicone Cord include:

  • High and low temperature resistance
  • Durable
  • Weathering
  • Versatile at –80 deg

Materials extruded at Walker Rubber

At Walker Rubber we can manufacture cord in numerous grades and shore hardness of rubber. Our extrusions can go as soft as 20 Shore A or as hard as 80 Shore A. We have the ability to offer all the grades of rubber listed below:

Popular Industries

All Industries

Silicone cord is used across many industries. Some of the most popular are:

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