Viton Tube

Viton Tube

Product Description

Viton is a high-performance rubber that does all the jobs of our cost-effective rubbers combined. It truly is the ultimate tubing material.

If you require the absolute best rubber on the market. We recommend Viton/FKM but this does come at a high price. We understand that you cannot put a price on safety and high quality.

This means our Viton is resistant to high and low temperatures, has a high tensile strength, can be used in the harshest of conditions, making it incredibly durable.

As well as being supremely suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, his rubber tubing is resistant to chemicals, oils, fats, grease and acids. For industries that truly cannot.

Our Viton rubber tubing is available from 10m-100m in length and 20mm-195mm in diameter.

Rubber tubing is an incredibly versatile and cost-effective way to transfer your gases and liquids. We manufacture all of our rubber tubing in-house at our factory located in Norwich, Norfolk in the United Kingdom.


Viton Tube can be used for applications like:

  • Aircraft
  • Petroleum transfer and processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Coal fire
  • Seals for most industries
  • Medical processing
  • Pharmaceutical processing


Features of our Viton Tube include:

  • Incredibly high tensile strength
  • Operates in the harshest conditions
  • Resistant to oils
  • Resistant to fats
  • Resistant to grease
  • Resistant acids

Materials extruded at Walker Rubber

At Walker Rubber we can manufacture tube in numerous grades and shore hardness of rubber. Our extrusions can go as soft as 20 Shore A or as hard as 80 Shore A. We have the ability to offer all the grades of rubber listed below:

Popular Industries

All Industries

Viton Tube is used across many industries. Some of the most popular are:

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