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Our role in the highways industry

Highways is a subsidiary of the Construction and Civil-Engineering industry and together these industries bring in trillions worth of revenue year in and out. This sector works hard and diligently to keep the general populous safe and to help them get from A-B.

Workforces all over the UK work, days and nights to maintain roads and create new routes. The Highways industry market size currently stands at £329.86 billion globally with a growth rate of 6.8%, this expected to rise to £437.22 billion by 2027.

At Walker Rubber we design and manufacture components fit for the highways industry in-house at our facility in Norwich UK.

Road Works

Rubber applications for highways

Rubber plays an important role on highways, roads and streets. We manufacture a wide selection of applications, and these include:

Common extrusion profiles used in this area are:

Rubber applications for highways

Rubber plays an important role on highways, roads and streets. We manufacture a wide selection of applications, and these include:

Common extrusion profiles used in this area are:

Checkout our exclusive Rollaway Bank Ladders

Developed to help workers access steep-sided ditches quickly and safely, our rollaway flexible bank ladders provide a simple solution to the problem of getting up and down steep slopes. This has proven very popular with Rail and Civil Engineering projects, with it being especially helpful for emergency or temporary use. These Ladders can be linked together to access deep cuttings or steep embankments, roofs and dome-shaped structures significantly improving foothold and reducing risk.

Our bank ladders can help your workers navigate their way safely up and down uneven surfaces like the verges next to highways to plant new trees or implement further safety measures.

View Our Bank Ladder Here
Walker Rubber Bank Ladder

HighwaysRubber fenders and bumpers for bridges and highways

Here at Walker Rubber, our specially extruded bumpers and fenders can be used as a way to protect various areas on the highways and bridges. Extrusions are implemented on bridge sides and barricades to offer more protection to drivers. As well as avoiding any unwanted vibrations that can affect the foundations of any particular structure.

Wall protection is an absolute must on the roads as accidents can happen at any time. It’s important that in the result of an accident, we have the necessary means to stop that vehicle and absorb as much of the impact as possible. Our rubber fender wall protectors can help lessen the impact of fast-moving vehicles falling off the road or careening into walls or barriers.

Road Works

Did you know...?

To collect robust and reliable data on traffic movements, companies need flexible and durable equipment that is properly protected and able to withstand harsh condition and various conflicting measures. The workers also require ways to access uneven work areas and surfaces. We designed and manufactured extruded profiles sand rollaway bank ladders in our own factory in Norwich. This only took a matter of days enabling our customer to deploy their safe and secure cable management system both quickly, safely and effectively.

The Walker Rubber Difference

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Rubber products manufactured to order with industry leading turnaround times.

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Our Capabilities

Rubber extrusion


We are experts in the manufacture of rubber extrusions. Our limitations are very small we can produce extrusions from 1m to 10,000m in length or 1mm to 300mm across.

Rubber Extrusions
rubber gaskets


Our selection of cutting machinery enables us to be accurate and precise, meeting the required specifications for our customers.

Rubber Gaskets
rubber moulding


Most moulding requirements are unique to each customer. We supply a comprehensive range of mouldings in a variety of compounds: EPDM, Neoprene, Natural, Nitrile Silicone, Viton, Polyurethane and TPE.

Rubber Mouldings
rubber bonding


One of our more unique capabilities. We can bond together multiple types of rubber sheet to create your ideal material.

Rubber Bonding
rubber tooling


We have the capability to manufacture tooling inhouse, turning your ideas into reality with a short but cost-effective turnaround

Rubber Tooling
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