Our Rubber Manufacturing Capabilities

We are not just another reseller

All our rubber manufacturing takes place in-house, created by our hardworking experts from enquiry to despatch. We have the means to produce a full range of rubber components, no matter the required process, all from our factory here in Norwich.

Over time, we have been learning, evolving, honing our craft, and implementing the most lean, agile and practical ways to deliver the best-in-class rubber components.

Through constant investment in the latest technology, we ensure we maintain our position, in our opinion, as the leader in rubber manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

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Rubber extrusion


We are experts in the manufacture of rubber extrusions. Our limitations are very small we can produce extrusions from 1m to 10,000m in length or 1mm to 300mm across.

Rubber Extrusions
rubber gaskets


Our selection of cutting machinery enables us to be accurate and precise, meeting the required specifications for our customers.

Rubber Gaskets
rubber moulding


Most moulding requirements are unique to each customer. We supply a comprehensive range of mouldings in a variety of compounds: EPDM, Neoprene, Natural, Nitrile Silicone, Viton, Polyurethane and TPE.

Rubber Mouldings
rubber bonding


One of our more unique capabilities. We can bond together multiple types of rubber sheet to create your ideal material.

Rubber Bonding
rubber tooling


We have the capability to manufacture tooling inhouse, turning your ideas into reality with a short but cost-effective turnaround

Rubber Tooling

Come straight to the rubber experts

At Walker Rubber we are in command of every process to ensure 100% satisfaction for ourselves and more importantly our customers. We personally produce the design, and extrude, cure, cut/coil, quality check and package your rubber products.

You’ve seen what we have to offer, and what we’re capable of. If you’re in need of any form of rubber manufacturing, contact us, or make an enquiry now. Our experienced sales team are ready to help.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Walker Rubber

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