Rubber Blocks

Rubber Blocks

Product Description

We can manufacture rectangle and square rubber blocks (also known as extrusions) for those with larger sized requirements. We extrude rubber blocks in high quality EPDM 70 and can manufacture to your specific design too.

Hard Rubber blocks (also known as rubber packers and rubber buffers) can be used in a multitude of applications in many different industries. The heavy-duty blocks act as shock absorbers by taking the load from the energy transmitted from moving objects. Because of this, they can be used in almost any application where energy needs absorbing, such as impacts from reversing trucks and lorries, boat fendering, wall protection, lifting pads and even wheel chocks.

All our extrusions are available in a selection of rubber materials including EPDM, Nitrile and Neoprene and are effective in the harshest conditions and high and low temperatures.


Typical applications for Rubber Blocks include:

  • Blockades
  • Shock absorption
  • Impact protection
  • Chocks
  • Rubber Stops
  • Barriers
  • Bumpers


Features of our Rubber Blocks include:

  • Low and high temperatures tolerance
  • Available in a variety of hardness
  • Many shapes and sizes

Materials extruded at Walker Rubber

At Walker Rubber we can manufacture extrusions in numerous grades and shore hardness of rubber. Our extrusions can go as soft as 20 Shore A or as hard as 80 Shore A. We have the ability to offer all the grades of rubber listed below:

Popular Industries

All Industries

Rubber Blocks are used across many industries. Some of the most popular are:

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