Rubber for Civil Engineers

Architects, designers, groundwork subcontractors, surveyors, installers, construction giants and facilities management companies have all used Walker Rubber over the years to supply rubber seals, sheet, matting, joints, trims, protectors and access ladders. Renowned for providing fast and reliable service, Walker Rubber have supplied components and products used on the smallest development through to some of the most identifiable and impressive landmark structures in the UK. Whatever your problem or product requirement, from bespoke glazing seals to bumper protection for bin stores, Walker rubber have the expertise and UK manufacturing facilities here to help you source a quick and effective solution!

Rubber Components for Civil Engineers

We can design and manufacture your rubber parts for civil engineering projects, including extrusions, mouldings, washers and gaskets. Your rubber part can be supplied to your requirements and to the tolerances you need to ensure long-term performance.

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Walker Rubber Bank Ladder

Walker Rubber’s Rollaway Bank Ladder

Developed to help workers access steep sided ditches quickly and safely, our rollaway bank ladders provide a simple solution to the problem of getting up and down steep slopes. This has proven very popular with Rail and Civil Engineering projects; especially helpful for emergency or temporary use. Bank Ladders can be linked together to access deep cuttings or steep embankments significantly improving foothold and reducing risk.

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If your order is urgent, no one can get it to you in a shorter timeframe than Walker Rubber.


Your product, designed and manufactured to your specifications in our UK manufacturing facility.


Over 90% of the enquiries we receive are quoted on the same day.


SD10030 Rubber Extrusion

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Other Services

Walker Rubber provides a wide range of services suitable to the Civil Engineering industry.
We have highlighted three of them below.


We can facilitate either multi-impression rubber moulds for small components or single impression rubber moulds for large components and short runs. We also mould directly onto metal, forming a long lasting bond.


Our top of the line industrial CNC machine makes light work of cutting your rubber gaskets, pads and washers. We’ll design and programme the software for the precise cutting of your gaskets, washers, pads and sheet material products from a range of different rubbers we stock.


Our specialist and bespoke extrusion service has been setup to ensure that we're able to fulfil the demanding needs of all our customers. With over 3 decades of expertise, we now have over 2,000 extrusions profiles available that may already meet your requirements.

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