T Profile Extrusion

Rubber T Profile Extrusions

Product Description

Take a look at our wide variety of standard T profile extrusions. We have a plethora of standard profiles for you to peruse. If these don’t quite match your design, then we can create bespoke extrusions especially for you with our machine tooling capabilities.

Fill gaps and heat seal industrial machinery with our bespoke rubber T section extrusion. Expertly engineered using a smooth-finish, available in a selection of rubber materials including EPDM and Silicon. T extrusions are hard-wearing with excellent weather and temperature resistance (-40° to + 90°C).

Our T extrusions are suitable for a vast range of applications in various industries and ideal for indoor or outdoor use, courtesy of its air and watertight properties. Great for fendering and protection against heavy impacts.

T extrusions can either be flat-topped or rounded (also known as a mushroom extrusion), both of which are within our capabilities to extrude. Not to be confused with our Weighbridge extrusions which can be found here.


T profile extrusions can be used for applications like:

  • Protective edging
  • Aesthetic trim
  • Reducing trip hazards
  • Keeping corners dirt free
  • Belt skirting


Features of our T profile extrusions include:

  • Filling variable gaps
  • Sealing two surfaces
  • Flush finish to joints
  • Fendering
  • Wall protection
  • Excellent weather and temperature resistance (-40° to + 90°C)

Materials extruded at Walker Rubber

At Walker Rubber we can manufacture extrusions in numerous grades and shore hardness of rubber. Our extrusions can go as soft as 20 Shore A or as hard as 80 Shore A. We have the ability to offer all the grades of rubber listed below:

Popular Industries

All Industries

T profile extrusions are used across many industries. Some of the most popular are:

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