All About Rubber

What is Rubber?

Learn where natural rubber comes from and it’s rise in popularity.

Where Does Rubber Comes From?

Learn where natural rubber comes from and it’s early uses.

The Science of Rubber

Get an understanding of the advanced science behind rubber.

What is Rubber Compounding?

Find out more about what is rubber compounding, how rubber is coloured and mixed and what different grades of rubber are available.

Measuring Rubber Hardness

How is rubber hardness measured? What are the different scales? Find out the answers to your questions about rubber hardness here.

The Ageing of Rubber

Learn how rubber changes over time and how to store your rubber products.

Rubber Material Properties

Learn about the many different types of rubber and found out which one will be useful for your next project.

How do you make rubber adhesive?

Find out more about rubber adhesion, what rubbers have better adhesion properties and adhesives are commonly used.

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