Case in Point: ‘Put the Pedal to the Metal’: Assisting our Friends in the Automotive Industry with their Clutch Servo Predicament.


After decades of working alongside great thinkers and creators from a multitude of different industries, we approach every task with an air of confidence. Our customers believe in us and our ability to manufacture the best-in-class rubber components for any application. Our mentality is that if our customers have that level of confidence in us, then why shouldn’t we? 

We have been producing rubber extrusions and mouldings for the automotive sector for over 80 years and we have remained close to our customers both, adapting and evolving together. Our usual jobs for the automotive industry revolve around manufacturing rubber components like window or door seals but this time around we were asked to manufacture something different, something more intricate. 

In this “Case in Point” our customer in the automotive industry looks to us to deliver rubber parts for the inner workings of their classic cars. 



We were approached by a car repair and spare parts company who had been in operation since the late 80’s and are well versed in the world of vehicle restoration. They specialise in restoring sports cars, vans, forklifts, trucks and tanks (you name it, they’ve repaired it). The vehicle restorationists were searching for formed rubber extrusions for a modified hydraulic clutch unit that they had installed into a classic sportscar. 

Not for the lack of trying, our customer did check with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) however, these parts are very old and, for the most part are no longer in circulation. Fortunately for our customer, we can create replicas of past products. Better yet, we can produce something new and even better than before. This company follows the same example, as they give classic vehicles the overhauls necessary to improve their efficiency and keep them on the road. 

This customer enquiries within us sporadically over the year but mostly when they are running low on inventory, we receive the call. For this job in particular, our formed rubber extrusions are to be applied to the servo clutch system which helps reduce the effort through fluid displacement from the master cylinder. This creates mechanical movement and allows for minimal effort to engage and disengage the clutch. 



After reading through their enquiry, it was time to get to work. The vehicle restorationists ordered a batch of 50 servo elbows for a classic car’s newly installed hydraulic clutch system. The rest would be added to their inventory which usually lasts them 12-18 months. We located a standard profile that met the required dimensions and chose EDPM rubber as it can operate in the harshest of conditions and temperatures. 

The material was developed in lengths using our ram extruder. We cut the extruded EPDM tube to length and then applied them to the former to relax. Our former holds 10 tubes and as you can see below holds the rubber in place, so it forms that shape. The former was rolled into the autoclave where the tubes attached, form a 90° bend giving them the elbow look during the curing process. Once cured, the elbows were cleaned so they looked smooth and professional. The item was then prepped for shipping. 

The next set of rubber elbows were extruded and added to the former to be cured and the cycle was repeated until we had 50 formed extrusions ready for shipment. The elbows were sent to our customer and they were very pleased with the results, they fitted perfectly in the hydraulic unit, and they now have a replenished inventory. 

Formed extrusion

Final Thoughts

Our expertise was called into action when our good friends in the automotive industry required a batch of formed rubber elbow extrusions for a servo clutch. We have been working with this company and the automotive sector for many years and our customer has seen exactly what we’re made of. 

We started work by using EPDM which is our most robust, durable and affordable rubber material. The rubber was then cut to lengths and applied to a former, giving the rubber the 90° elbow shape our customer desired. To ensure the elbows remained that shape, the former was rolled into the autoclave. This process was repeated 4 more times until our customer had 50 servo elbow formed extrusions. Our customer was very happy with the results, we’re always happy to get feedback from our customers and when they return with the same order, a larger order or a bespoke order then it gives us clarity that we are succeeding at our mission to become the UK’s premier rubber manufacturer. 

If you’re in the automotive business and are in need of rubber parts, perhaps an you need rubber tubing for your hydraulic clutch unit like this company, then make an enquiry and our sales team will be there to help. 

Or maybe you’re not in the automotive industry and require a formed extrusion? Don’t worry, we can do that too! Once again leave an enquiry and we will endeavour to help you the only way we know how. 

No matter the industry, Walker Rubber is always willing to help you combat those rubber demons, so have no fear and stay tuned for another “Case in Point”.

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