Case in Point: Helping Coachbuilders Keep their Horses Safe and Comfortable with our Rubber Horse Matting


At Walker Rubber we have had the pleasure of working alongside multiple different industries. Rubber is a very dynamic material and is used in almost every device created today, we should know, we’ve been working with this material for decades upon decades. In that time, we have created long-lasting sustainable products working alongside the engineering, construction, food, water, rail, renewables and environmental sectors as well as others too numerous to mention. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality products industrywide and our years of experience and expertise shows that we can determine what rubber will best suit your applications. In this “Case in Point” we step into the world of two industries equestrianism and automotive working alongside a family-run business of coach builders who manufacture bespoke horse boxes and transportation. Family values is something we hold very close to our hearts and it’s great for two families to work together on this project.

Inside of the horsebox


The coach builders have been working with us for over 7 years now and as a returning customer they know what to expect from us. They originally approached us looking for a reliable source for partition mats for their horseboxes and this change came about when they started to experience issues with their current partition matting. 

Partition horse matting as you can see above, contains holes or slats that enable the partitions to be locked in from both the floor and the roof of the horsebox. The partitions on the side can then be pulled open to divide the areas the horse or horses are being transported. Depending on the size of the transport, these partitions can be set at different angles. More importantly, they can be strategically placed to avoid any wild antics for example; whilst in transit its safer to separate a mare and foal from a stallion. 

Unfortunately for our customer the plastic tracking they currently had installed was proving to be too dangerous for the animals. The plastic was too slippery and the horses were stumbling and damaging the floor. They needed something more compliant that could be used with their rubber floors, something that would keep their equine friends safe and comfortable throughout their journeys. 



After receiving their enquiry, our sales team sprang into action and contacted the customer. They explained that the rubber needs to be the same size and thickness with no overlapping as any lumps and bumps could be hazardous for the horses. They could stumble, trip or even damage the flooring whilst they’re moving around mid-commute. 

Fully understanding their demands, we offered a cost-effective hard-wearing alternative to their machined plastic. This was two layers of laminated neoprene rubber sheet with holes cut into one of the layers to capture the partitions. We drew the design on CAD and then implemented it onto our CNC machinery enabling us to seamlessly cut the holes into neoprene rubber sheet to precision. 

Next, we married the two rubber sheets together matching the height of the current rubber flooring inside the horsebox. We then double-checked the measurements of the holes and the sheets and once we were satisfied, we prepared the horse box matting for shipping. Our customer was very happy with the results, so much so they have chosen us to be their sole provider for their horsebox matting from here on out.

Horsebox coach

Final Thoughts

We were approached by a family run coachbuilding company dedicated to building and maintaining bespoke horseboxes throughout the UK. They had issues with their current flooring which was made from a machined plastic and were worried about the chance of a slip, trip and fall from their equine friends. To keep their horses safe, they chose to remove the plastic tracking and replace it with rubber. 

The owners knew exactly what they needed they had been working in this industry for over 40 years. Like us, their decades of experience and expertise have blossomed into this flourishing coachbuilding company. They reached out to us because our values aligned, and they saw that we had worked hard for many years to perfect our craft. A rubber company that has established itself as a long-serving rubber manufacturer dedicated to delivering the best rubber products in the shortest possible lead times. 

Once the coachbuilding company reached out to us, we got back to them very quickly to clarify exactly what they needed. After a conversation, we had total clarity and developed a solution of two sheets of rubber matting, one with holes cut to lock in the partitions that keep horses separated. The second was a standard rubber sheet, we merged the two with adhesive which matched the height of their flooring and once the inspection was approved, we shipped the horse box matting out to our customer. 

The horsebox matting was a complete success and the coach builders got back to us with high praise and delight, the double-layered neoprene rubber sheeting was a perfect fit. We are fast approaching our 8th year of working together and it's been great building our business relationship and continuing to do so for many years to come. 


Are you looking for rubber horse matting, then we can help you, please send us an enquiry with your measurements and CAD drawing via our contact form and our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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This has been yet another “Case in Point” stay tuned for the next instalment.

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