We are Walker Rubber: The Advantages of Sourcing and Supplying Closer to Home

Adapting to change 

In an ever-changing business climate, companies are constantly having to adapt with regards to sourcing and the supply of products and services. The business landscape is forever transforming but outside influences have truly affected everything more than ever. 

As we navigate ourselves clear of the Covid-19 pandemic, we now see ourselves dealing with tighter financial constraints which likely will incentivise businesses to make changes to their spending habits and supply chain/procurement processes. 

Sourcing products from other continents could cost more and the lead times will be much longer, whereas sourcing your products from Walker Rubber could be the answer. In this blog we will be looking at: 

  • Changing business practices and habits 
  • The benefits of sourcing locally 
  • Could we be your solution? 
  • What sets us apart 
  • How to get in contact with us

Planning for sourcing and supply

Changing business practices and habits 

Globalisation has played a major role in how companies conduct their business. B2B operations have become so interconnected that sourcing from the other side of the planet has proved to be a financially beneficial and reliable practice. 

These deals are made and broken every day however after an unprecedented couple of dark years, businesses are making big decisions in adapting their business practices. Customers and businesses alike are being forced to tighten their purse strings and look local for shorter rollout periods. 

Sourcing and supplying from further afield like the Far East has become increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain. Bureaucracy, political uncertainty or the inability for these suppliers to deliver your order in a timely manner can trouble businesses who need to keep to stringent deadlines. While sourcing your products abroad has been the status quo for many years, there is an alternative.

Sourcing rubber products

The benefits of sourcing locally 

Businesses in this day and age are conducting their work in a constrained way. The UK is a great example of this as not only have we had to deal with a pandemic but now we are going through one of the worst cost of living crises since the early 1900s. Business decision-making is in a state of flux and we’re all working hard to cut costs to keep positive bottom lines. 

The rubber business is no different and we have also faced many practical challenges affecting our ability to deliver their service levels and lead times our customers need. Practical challenges in light of the years of turmoil have reduced the number of rubber suppliers in the UK. Buying professionals will usually go down two avenues: either buying direct from manufacturers or through stockists. 

Manufacturers selling direct are unlikely to fulfil small orders and large orders will probably be on fixed delivery times which can rarely be improved upon. Stockists on the other hand will be able to fulfil the smaller orders but their inventory maybe insufficient and their product ranges limited. 

It has taken many years of continuous improvements to get to this point, but Walker Rubber are now a very agile and flexible business, helping customers in all areas of the supply chain on a daily basis. We are not your average manufacturer whether it's 1 or 1000 gaskets or 1m or 1000m of extrusion we can cater to your wants and needs. 

Could Walker Rubber be your solution? 

Navigating your business safely through stormy waters is no easy task but it certainly helps having a reputable and reliable source or supplier. We have been honing our craft for over 80 years producing high-quality products that are competitively priced. Our monthly on-time in full performance rate currently stands at 99.5% which we expect to maintain and improve further. 

Our experience has given us the opportunity to work with many impressive projects and with a plethora of different industries. We offer: 

  • A wide range of products and have one of the largest ranges of rubber in the UK. 
  • We custom manufacture bespoke rubber components in alignment with our customers' requirements every single time. 
  • Competitive costs. 
  • An expediting process to fast track your order for a nominal fee. 
  • Short lead times which in turn lightens the load on customer supply chains.

Walker Rubber Manufacturer Warehouse

As time has gone by, we have noticed that clients are having to look for materials or products closer to home as some manufacturers or suppliers cannot meet the time restraints of the customer. All our bespoke rubber products are developed in house at our factory in Norwich, United Kingdom. We endeavour to get your bespoke gaskets to you in less than 3 days, extrusions in less than 10 days.

Choose Walker Rubber for bespoke rubber parts and quick lead times 

The business world has changed in such a short amount of time due to circumstances beyond our control. It’s increasingly hard to source rubber products from far away continents without compromising price and lead times, which disrupts supply chains; whereas sourcing nationally could help negate those issues. 

Walker Rubber have been producing bespoke rubber components for long over half a century. We specialise in manufacturing products via our factory in the UK and we can be flexible with our rollout and lead times. 

We can offer you made to order custom extrusions, gaskets, fendering along with a multitude of other products at a competitive price. Our customer service team is second to none, they will guide you through your order keeping you updated with any progress. No matter the order they perform at a level of excellence that is unmatched. 

Why not get in touch, our sales team will be happy to accommodate you. Please feel free to read on, we have a variety of blogs and case studies readily available.

Until next time. 

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