Klinger Sheet

Klinger Gasket Sheet

Klinger Sheet is stocked in a range of thicknesses, take a look at our range below.

What is a Klinger gasket?

Our range of Klinger gasket materials is commonly recognised as being high in quality and dependability. We supply a comprehensive range of Klinger grades suitable for a range of applications and industries ranging from Petrochemical to Aerospace.

Klingersil C4324 Sheet

At Walker Rubber, we can offer a complete range of compressed fibre Klinger Sheets as can be seen above, but from our experience, the most common type requested by our customers is the Klinger sheet C4324. This sheet type is made up of a mixture of glass fibres with nitrile rubber which in turn provides it with great temperature resistance (350°C max, 180°C continuous) and exceptional resistance to gas leakage. In addition, it’s WRAS approved making it suitable to be used on potable water applications.

Klinger Gaskets

In addition to supplying in sheet form, we can cut precisely and quickly using our CNC machine with a ‘same day’ service in some circumstances if required.

Sheet sizes

We supply Klinger in a range of thicknesses depending on the material type. Sheet sizes do vary by type, however, they are commonly 2 metres long x 1.2 metres wide. Please get in touch for full details.

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