Rubber Foam & Rubber Sponge Sheet Materials

Foam Rubber Supplier

At Walker Rubber, we stock a variety of Rubber Foam and Rubber Sponge sheets.

Types of Foam and Sponge Sheet

A common choice amongst our customers is the Neoprene/EPDM blend foam rubber which is a good option for many applications. We also offer special grades such as PVC Sponge, Nitrile Foam, Polyethylene Foam and Food Grade Silicone Sponge sheet. These can be supplied in a range of densities and thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 50mm. Whether you require an open cell or closed cell foam with or without self-adhesive backing, we’re here to help. Our sheets are normally supplied in sheets 1 metre square, or in 1 metre wide rolls, 10 metres long.

Cut to specification service

In addition to supplying in plain sheets for you to cut, Walker Rubber can also cut these materials to your design. Our high precision CNC machine can cut out any shape that you need quickly and cost-effectively, maximising material utilisation.

What is the difference between Foam and Sponge?

Commonly mistaken for each other Foam and Sponge are in fact separate material types. The difference between the two is important as they function differently and have different safety properties. Although manufactured in similar ways, rubber foam has an open-cell structure that is less dense and therefore less expensive but this makes it less effective as a seal. Sponge rubber has a closed-cell structure making it denser, more expensive but a more effective seal. Choosing the right material for your application is clearly important to ensure you get the performance you need!

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