Cork Sheet

Cork Sheet is stocked in a range of thicknesses and sizes; we also offer different branded Cork (Nebar Sheet & TICO Sheet). Take a look at our range below. You can also choose to have your cork lined with self-adhesive backing to enable ease of installation.

What is Cork Sheet?

Cork comprises of a honeycomb of cells filled with a type of air like gas; this gives the material excellent insulation properties. The material is harvested from Cork Oak trees (specifically from the bark). As well as being 100% natural and recyclable, the material is very good at dampening vibration. Walker Rubber can offer both Anti-vibration Cork and Nitrile Cork which specifically are manufactured to mitigate vibrations in applications. In addition to our standard range, we also offer Nebar Brown Sheet and TICO anti-vibration sheets; both of which are synthetic rubber bonded corks and are also excellent at mitigating vibrations from highly dynamic and static loads.


These types of sheet are usually be used in any application where vibrations require dampening. This includes a wide range of applications such as pumps, compressors, conveyors, drills tables, lorries etc.

Sheet sizes

We supply Cork in a range of thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 12mm thick. Standard sizes are 1.2 metres wide and are supplied by the linear metre or by the roll. Nebar and TICO sheets are usually supplied in 1.2-metre x 1.2-metre squares.

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