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Rubber Sheet Materials

We carry a comprehensive range of sheet in stock and also have the ability to quickly source in special material from our network of distributors. Take a look to see whether any of our selection fits your requirements. Read More.

What do we have to offer?

Walker Rubber offers over 50 types and has a large product range of rubber sheeting including Natural Rubber, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Insertion, Food Quality FDA Approved, WRAS Approved, Metal Detectable and Foam which are suitable to be used in a variety of applications including: Rubber gaskets, seals, washers, skirts and door seals.

We can either supply the sheets to you for you to cut or you can take advantage of our CNC cutting technology and let us make them for you which we can do accurately and quickly with a ‘same day’ service available if needed.

Rubber Sheet Sizes

All of the sheeting materials can be provided in the size and quantity that you require. You can either make an enquiry for one of the sizes that we display online, or for specialised enquiries you can make a free online enquiry using our contact us form.

Rubber sheeting is an excellent barrier against abrasion and high temperatures. They are available in various thicknesses suitable for a variety of applications including shelving, gaskets, tiebacks, and heavy-duty tracks. Rubber sheets are most often designed to be used in hot and cold temperatures and with a high temperature range. High temperature range ensures that the protective layer remains intact and performs exceptionally well even in extreme conditions.

We offer the following size options:
Standard sizes
Cut to size /Customised sizes
Sheet Rubber by the roll
High grade / specialists Rubber Sheet and sheet Roll
Large quantity orders
Stock thickness range from 0.15mm up to 25mm
Shore A hardness range between 40° to 90° shore
Sheets are usually black in colour, contact us for a more specific colour.
Take a look at our sheet here.
All products can be cut to size and length using the CNC machine in our UK manufacturing facility

We provide a large range of sheeting materials, from all-purpose grades to specialist grades

We have rubber sheet to suit an array of British Standards (BS): BS 2751, BS 2752, BS 1154

General purpose rubber compounds include: High quality Natural, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Insertion, Food Quality FDA Approved, WRAS Approved, Metal Detectable.

Foam compounds include: EPDM Neoprene Blend, Polyurethane, Neoprene, PVC, Silicone, EPDM.

Many industries rely on foam rubber sheeting, including the military, aerospace, consumer goods, automotive, construction, lighting, and housing sectors. This makes it ideal for applications like high temperature oil and fuel gaskets, acoustic dampening equipment, and other heavy-duty chemical resistant industrial uses. Since closed-cell foam does not absorb water, it’s frequently used in products that require strength and security, including gaskets, stripping, or wiper blades.

Plastic compounds include: PTFE, Nylon

Paper compounds include: Klinger, Statite

Cork compounds include: Anti Vibration, Nitrile Bonded, TICO, Nebar, Anti Vibration Nitrile

If you're unsure which polymer is best fit for your application, we'll offer expert advice on material selection.

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