Rubber Wall Protectors & Corner Buffers

Rubber Bumpers & Wall Protectors

Our range of wall protectors and buffers consist of impact-resistant and high-density EPDM rubber.

What are wall protectors and why are they important?

There are many names for them, rubber wall protectors, wall guards, protector strips and rubber buffers; all of which provide the same critical function – to protect walls from high impact scrapes and impact. The critical factor at play here is the transfer of energy from the moving object to the wall. By putting a buffer in front of the wall, the rubber section is able to absorb much of the energy through compression. This is commonly seen in rubber fenders and marine fendering on boats where the energy of the boat’s movement is minimised during impacts through the compression of the fender. The same can be said for our selection of protectors.

Our range of protectors includes both solid and hollow sizes in D profile, Double D profile, Square, and Rectangular shapes. In addition, we manufacture rubber corner protectors and edge protectors in the form of L shaped profiles. These types are commonly used in car parks and ensure that damage and scratches to cars are mitigated.

High Impact Resistant Material

The hard-wearing and resistance to weathering properties make these an ideal investment for long term wall protection in harsh outdoor environments. Suitable for loading bays, car parks, warehousing, lorries, garage doors, forklift trucks and bin stores, rubber buffers such as d fenders ensure that property remains in good working, and aesthetic order.

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