T Shaped Rubber Extrusion Profile

T Profile Rubber Extrusions

Walker Rubber offers a comprehensive range of ‘T’ shaped rubber seal extrusions. All are available in a selection of lengths and extruded in high-quality EPDM 70 shore material.

What are T rubber seals used for?

Typical applications of T extrusions include filling variable gaps and heat sealing on industrial machinery. The T profile enables this section to fill a gap and form a seal between two surfaces. As can be seen, by the shape of the profile, t-profiles are perfect for filling in gaps and are commonly used as rubber edging. This section is also available in high-temperature silicone too.

In addition to sealing, its hard-wearing properties, weather resistance and high flexibility make it an appropriate product to use for fendering, wall protection and a variety of other uses in other industries.

Rubber T profile being extruded in our UK manufacturing facility

We have over 15 dies for T sections, some of which are Domed T sections. If you can’t find a profile that meets your needs, then get in touch with our sales team to discuss a new design.

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