Rubber Hatch Door Seals

Rubber Hatch Seal Solutions

Walker Rubber manufactures a wide range of extrusions and seals for Marine, Dredging and Drydock applications. Take a look at the hatch seals we have available below. For rubber fenders and marine fenders, click here.

In house manufacturing

Our in house extrusion department enables us to support our customer’s most urgent requirements. We have a large array of profiles designed for water-related applications, all of which are manufactured in high-quality EPDM, such as Door seals, hatch seals, lip seals caisson seals and dry dock seals. We also have a comprehensive range of Rubber Fenders.

We manufacture door hatch seals for a variety of vessels, varying from dredging ships, to cargo ships and naval ships. Although commonly extruded in EPDM, we can also offer this in Neoprene, Nitrile and Natural rubber options.

Types of hatch seal on dredging boats for sand discharge systems

There are two types of hatch seals predominantly used on dredging vessels at the point of sand discharge systems. These are called, bottom door seals and conical valve seals. Both have the excellent abrasion resistance and can be manufactured here at Walker Rubber.

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