Rubber Marine Fenders and Rubber Surface Impact Protectors

Marine Fendering

We offer an extensive range of extruded marine rubber fenders and wall buffers which are cost effective and efficient solutions to suit any operating environment, condition and requirement. Take a look at our selection and see whether one fits your needs. If we don’t have what you’re looking for, send us an enquiry and we can look into manufacturing a new die for you based on your design. Read More.

What is a Rubber Fender and why are they important?

The main purpose of an extruded fender system is to shield the berthing facility / hull from damage when vessels berth alongside each other. Similarly, rubber impact protectors such as wall guards and surface impact protectors shield walls from a variety of different impact situations such as large vehicles, industrial sized bins and large machinery. The rubber fender and surface protectors act as a shock absorber by absorbing energy transmitted from the moving object, squishing and taking the load.

Walker Rubber supply a comprehensive range of extruded fenders and surface impact protectors to suit any operating environment, requirement and condition. They can be used in marine environments like quays and dock sides, harbour wall protectors and pier protection. In addition, fendering is used on most watercraft including Pleasure craft, Rigid Inflatable Boats and tugs. Our heavy-duty options are also suitable for storage unit impact protection on land from large vehicles and loading bays.

To learn more about the types of fender, take a look at our blog: Three Popular D Fender Uses

High Impact Rubber Protection and Finishing

Rubber fender and bumper profiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, various types of which are available in our extensive range of options.

If you have been searching for a fender for boat use, then you have undoubtedly noticed that there are many different types of fender on the market. Rubber fenders are a very popular choice among boaters of all kinds. They provide a high degree of fender compatibility with both plastic and metal ships, as well as provide excellent flexibility in their design. EPDM Rubber fenders are also resistant to UV, Ozone and water, meaning they are the perfect choice for marine environments and applications.

Flat bottomed D & B fenders are a common option for boating docks. These types of fender come in both a round and a flat configuration, and they typically take advantage heavy duty EPDM rubber. These types of fenders exhibit superior dimensional stability and high levels of hardness compared to other types of material.

We have a choice of solid or hollow D sections, B sections (also known as double D sections) both of which are the perfect fit for protecting anything you might need to. They are very robust and designed to last in the harshest of conditions including marine environments.

We can manufacture fenders and buffers in any size that you want, ranging from 10mm to 200mm and in some cases 200mm+.

Walker Rubber can also offer pre-drilled holes in the fenders and impact protectors so that you can fit them quickly and easily. We also offer the option of cutting rubber extrusions to length, chamfering them and even forming the rubber extrusions so that they fix in shape.

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