Rubber Edge Trim and Plastic Edge Trim

Rubber Edging Strips

Our range of edge trims consists of both plastic and rubber options; in addition, we can supply co-extrusion which incorporates both materials together. Take a look at our range of profiles.

What are rubber edge trims and why are they important?

Walker Rubber supply a range of rubber edge protection for a variety of applications. Edging trim is popular in all walks of industrial applications since it provides sharp or rough edges with a smooth and clean finish. Edging is ideal for door seals, hatch doors, piping in between panels.

Why purchase Rubber Edge Protection from us?

We stock a variety of different channel sections in a number of widths. All edge protection is manufactured in high-quality PVC Plastic and EPDM rubber. We have the capacity to supply other materials such as Silicone and TPE. Our sales team have excellent knowledge of edge protection and are able to provide suitable recommendations.

Common uses of Rubber Edging Strips and our recommendations

When protecting heated panels or edges, adopt a Silicone Edging strip, silicone can deal with up to very high temperatures compared to that of the alternatives. To protect sharp metal panels, use our durable PVC Edge Trim.

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