Rubber Glazing Seals and Rubber Panel Seals

Rubber Window Gaskets

Our range of Rubber Glazing is manufactured in high-quality EPDM rubber. All of which are manufactured in our UK facility and you can choose from our wide range of stocked dies below.

What are rubber glazing seals?

Rubber glazing seals (known as ‘Claytonrite’) are used in conjunction with a filler strip to help seal the rubber in place against your application. This window rubber is suitable for fitting glass, Acrylic materials and Perspex, however, you could in theory seal it against any type of panel. Given that we manufacture high-quality EPDM material, they can be used in outdoor applications and in contact with water due to EPDM’s resistance to ozone and weathering.

How to fit a glazing seal?

Glazing seals are very easy to install, simply push the rubber onto one side of the panel, then do the same with the other side and finish off by fitting the filler strip in to seal it tightly.

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