Rubber Tube

Rubber Tubing

Our range of Rubber Tubes is manufactured in the following types of high-quality rubber: EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone, Nitrile and Viton. We can also offer Sponge tubing, specifically Neoprene and Silicone Sponge tubing for those applications where compressibility is required.

What is rubber tubing?

Rubber tubing refers to hollow rubber feeds that transfer gases or liquids. These can be manufactured using either synthetic or natural rubber compounds. We have a large enough range of rubber tubes suitable for a variety of applications such as dealing with oils, water and high temperatures. We can supply a large range of tubing sizes from small-sized tubes to large tubes of up to 195mm OD.

Types of Rubber Tube

EPDM Tubes are resistant to water, UV and ozone. Because of our ability to extrude in larger sizes and the properties of the material, our EPDM tubes are commonly used in Marine applications as ‘Cylindrical Fendering’.

Neoprene is similar to that of EPDM, however, lacks resistance to weathering and ozone, therefore is mainly appropriate for indoor applications. In addition, you can bond Neoprene to metal in comparison to EPDM.

Nitrile has great resistance against oils, greases, fats and has some resistance against acids, therefore this should be used in applications where the aforementioned is prevalent.

Silicone is excellent in heat resistance, being able to cope with temperatures of over 200°C. This makes silicone tubing an appropriate solution in high-temperature environments. Its food approval also makes Silicone appropriate to be used in food-based applications and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Viton is a high-performance tube across the board. Manufactured from high-quality fluorine rubber, Viton has excellent resistance against high temperatures, gases, oils, chemicals and water. This makes it the ultimate material to manufacture rubber tubing from compared to all other rubber compounds.

Advantages of purchasing rubber tubes

Rubber has a number of advantages associated with it in comparison to alternative materials. To start with, it is very cost-effective no matter the type of rubber material in comparison to plastic and especially metal. In addition, rubber can easily be customised to customer requirements; since we manufacture house our customers only need to provide their inside diameter and outside diameter, then we can manufacture short runs of material to their needs. Finally, the rubber material’s flexibility is a real advantage when it comes to tubing, high flexibility means that it can easily be transported and fitted.

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