Rubber Cord

Our range of Rubber Cords is manufactured in high-quality rubber. All of which are manufactured in our UK facility. We can also offer Sponge cord too, specifically Neoprene and Silicone Sponge cord for those applications where compressibility is required.

What are rubber cords?

Solid rubber cord is widely used as fillers, buffers and to form seals in o-rings. Like many extrusions, round rubber cords also serve as a protective shock-absorber given that they are manufactured in solid EPDM rubber. We can supply a wide range of cord sizes ranging from 1mm in diameter up to 195mm in diameter since we manufacture in house. For those cords manufactured in other materials such as Nitrile, these can be used in applications where contact with oils and greases is prevalent.

Types of Rubber Cord

The most common type of rubber cord that we manufacture is the EPDM cord. EPDM round cords are best used in outside environments; this is because of their high resistance to ozone, UV and water. However, EPDM cords have limited resistance to oils, acids and high temperatures, therefore if your application entails contact with any of these, then another material type might be more appropriate.

Nitrile cord and Neoprene cord have better resistance against oils, greases and fats. Neoprene, however, has better properties when it comes to dealing with outdoor environments.

Silicone cord has low flammability and is also very well suited to dealing with high temperatures of over 200°C. This makes silicone cord an appropriate product to seal high-temperature applications. Its food approval also makes the material suitable to be used on food-based applications and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Finally, for an all-around high-performance cord, there isn’t a much better option than a Viton cord. Made from high-quality fluorine-containing rubber, Viton has great resistance against chemicals, oils, high temperatures and water. It is referred to as FKM and has superior properties to all other rubber compounds.

Types of Sponge Cord

We also supply closed cell sponge cord too available in mainly Neoprene and Silicone options, however, we can also offer Viton sponge cord if you have a larger requirement. Given that these are made of sponge, this makes it far easier to compress and flex the cord compared to the rubber option. Neoprene sponge cord is used as a seal to protect against dust, gas and liquids whereas Silicone sponge cord is better used in high-temperature environments such as oven doors and food processing seals.

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