Rubber Gasket Materials

A Quick Look Guide to Gasket Materials, Properties & Applications

Neoprene Gaskets

Neoprene Gaskets

Key Properties:  Our best seller, neoprene gaskets are a good general purpose product with moderate to good properties in many areas. Stocked in a large array of thicknesses. Good mechanical properties, weather and wear resistance. Good bonding strength. Moderate chemical and oil resistance. Relatively low cost & also available in food quality grades.

Typical Applications: General purpose gaskets requiring a good combination of mechanical and weather resistant properties.

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Insertion Rubber Gaskets

Key Properties: A low cost rubber reinforced with a cloth weave to reduce the likelihood of tearing. Excellent wear resistance. Good bonding strength. Not as ideally suited to mechanical, weathering and chemical resistance requiring applications.

Typical applications: Applications where low cost and high wear resistance are key requirements, e.g. agricultural machinery, washers, gaskets, sleeves and skirts.

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Nitrile Rubber Gaskets

Key Properties: Excellent resistance to oils and fuels. Good bonding strength. Not well suited for ozone and weather resistance. Good bond strength.

Typical Applications: Gaskets where the rubber regularly encounters oils and/or fuels, e.g. fuel tank seals, gearboxes etc. 

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Nitrile Cork Gaskets

Key Properties: A cork and nitrile mix material, this material is oil and fuel resistant and as such is widely used as a gasket material in mechanical and electrical equipment. Poor tear strength so usually used where it will remain under compression.

Typical Applications: electric motors, valve (rocker) covers, inspection hatches etc. 

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Silicone Gaskets

Key Properties: A rubber which exhibits good elasticity over a larger temperature range than the more standard rubbers. Excellent resistance to many chemicals. Available in food quality and magnetically detectable grades.

Typical Applications: Food processing equipment e.g. washers, gaskets, scrapers, curtains and seals. Automotive, medical, household & leisure.

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EPDM Gaskets

Key Properties: Excellent weathering properties, ozone and oxidation resistance. Can be difficult to bond.

Typical Applications: Long life outdoor applications e.g. marine and automotive. Extensively used in the water industry in WRAS accredited form.

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Shot Blast Rubber Gaskets

Key Properties: Made from natural latex. Available in tan (natural) and black colour variants. Shot blast rubber has very high elasticity and elongation before break. Good bonding strength.

Typical Applications: Where there is a requirement for high shock absorption or wear applications, e.g. chute linings, scraper blades, washers & gaskets.

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Viton Rubber Gaskets

Key Properties: An extremely high-performance elastomer. Typically used in high temperature and/or chemically aggressive environments. Excellent weathering properties.

Typical Applications: Washers, seals and gaskets extensively used in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, oil, gas and petroleum industries.

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PVC Gaskets

Key Properties: Low cost, transparent.

Typical Applications:  Typically used in curtains for commercial and industrial applications; entrances, exits and loading bays. However, can be used to manufacture low cost washers and spacers for non-food applications.

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EPDM Foam Gaskets

Key Properties: Closed cell foam – water resistant, lightweight, durable for a foam

Typical Applications: Gaskets, Dust Seals, Hatch seals, Door Seals, Packaging, Anti vibration applications, Sound cladding.

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Neoprene/EPDM Foam Gaskets

Key Properties: High compressibility, closed cell foam – water resistance, adhesive backed

Typical Applications: Low cost washers, gaskets and seals

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KLINGERsil Gaskets

Key Properties: An economic non-asbestos semi rigid gasket material. Good oil, chemical, low pressure steam and water resistance. Low mechanical strength requires careful handling.

Typical Applications: Extensively used for flange gaskets in the chemical and petrochemical sectors amongst others.

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PTFE Gaskets

Key Properties: Very high resistance to most chemicals, very wide temperature range, low friction, high electrical resistance.

Typical Applications: washers and gaskets in the chemical industries. Machined parts where low friction is required.

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