How to Choose the Correct Fendering For Your Day Cruiser Boat

Choosing the correct fendering for your day cruiser boat is vital. Rubber fenders minimise impact damage and prolong the service life of your boat. But, rubber fenders can only provide adequate protection if they are manufactured to the correct specifications. 

If your rubber boat fenders aren't manufactured out of high-quality rubber and aren't designed with your specifications in mind, you'll encounter many problems. Marine rubber boat fenders are customisable and can protect a range of needs.

But how do you choose the correct fendering for your day cruiser boat? What considerations need to be made? In this post, we'll cover everything you need to know. That way, you can make an informed and accurate decision about your marine fenders.

We’ll cover:

  • Know the Dimensions and Weight

  • Sketch a Drawing of Your Boat

  • Consider the Aesthetics

  • Understand How Many Levels of Defence You Need 

  • Walker Rubber Marine Rubber Fendering Specialists

Know the Dimensions and Weight

The first consideration you need to make is the size and weight of your vessel. Whether you're replacing your existing fendering or building a boat from scratch - you'll need to know the size and weight of your day cruiser.

As an example, the minimum protection day cruiser boats require is D or Double D extruded EPDM rubber fenders. D and Double D extruded fenders attach to the perimeter of the boat and have a high impact absorption rate. If you currently utilise these fenders and you're wanting a replacement, you can measure the base of the D extrusion profile and determine the correct measurements.

Typically, if you're having your fender replaced or you’re a boat builder, you'll likely know the dimensions and weight of your vessel from previous applications. If you require further validation, your trusted supplier will be able to advise accordingly. At Walker Rubber we’ve been working with customers and businesses for over 80 years, so we’re experienced and can certainly find the appropriate solution for you.

Sketch a Drawing of Your Boat

A good way to determine what fendering you'll need for your day cruiser is to sketch a drawing of your existing boat or to take a picture of it. You can then draw on it where you think the fendering could be positioned and fixed in place. This will be helpful for your supplier to achieve an accurate outcome.

Alternatively, if you're replacing your existing fendering and you want a replica, an image or sketch isn't required. Instead, provide your supplier with a sample from your existing fender - you can do this by slicing or cutting a section off. Your supplier should then be able to match it or create a bespoke replica in high-quality EPDM rubber.

At Walker Rubber, we provide premium quality heavy-duty EPDM rubber fenders. They are highly resistant to degradation, have a high-impact absorption rate and suit all outdoor and marine applications. We have a range of choices from standard solid or hollow D-Sections to Double D section fenders to protect even the most complex applications.

Consider the Aesthetics

If you're a day cruiser or leisure yacht owner, it's likely that the appearance of your vessel is a top priority. We don't blame you, it's important. Rubber fendering needs to provide excellent performance, but also look aesthetically well on the hull of your day cruiser boat.

After all, a different coloured piece or incorrect fendering would look ugly. If your fleet looks unappealing, you are less likely to gain custom and people won't want to hire ugly looking cruisers.

The good thing is, our D and Double D extruded EPDM rubber fenders can be manufactured in black and grey - depending on the application. These types of fenders won't degrade in the sun and they are resistant to water and UV damage. They'll look aesthetically pleasing and continue to provide protection for up to 20 years. 

We know how important it is to have attractive looking fenders that provide the best protection. With that in mind, we'll always try and meet your specifications with timely turnarounds and cost-effective solutions.

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Understand How Many Levels of Defence You Need 

Having adequate protection on the perimeter of your boat is essential. Deciding how many levels of defence your day cruiser boat needs will all depend on your mooring environment and the size of your boat.

Day cruiser boats typically require two layers of defence for optimal protection. The minimum protection required is a D section or Double Section EPDM rubber fenders. These fenders are fixed to the perimeter of the boat - they protect the bow and stern, as well as the broadest part of the hull.

For added protection, cylindrical and spherical fenders can be used for different mooring environments and to protect the jetty. These fenders are typically hung horizontally along the side of the cruiser on chains or cables over the top of D section fendering.

EPDM D section fenders are robust and won't need replacing unless they're broken or the boat is refurbished. However, cylindrical and spherical fenders will require some maintenance.

Having two levels of protection will preserve the bodywork of your boat and reduce the impact of your onboard passenger's experience. If you're keen to futureproof your vessel, considering the appropriate protection is vital. But if you're still unsure, your supplier will certainly be able to help.

Walker Rubber Marine Rubber Fendering Specialists

We understand that there's a lot of considerations to make. However, it's an important decision choosing your day cruiser boat fenders and it's vital to consider all factors. To help you make the right choice, seeking professional and specialist expertise is vital. 

At Walker Rubber, we have an extensive range of rubber fenders designed to meet your specific needs. All our rubber fenders are designed and manufactured in our UK facility. We have fast turnaround times, cost-effective solutions, first-class customer service and an excellent reputation. We can confidently help you find the right rubber fendering for your day cruiser boat.

For the best protection and performance, we offer bespoke manufacturing methods. One size doesn't fit all and we understand this. After working alongside a range of customers and businesses, we're equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right solution.

Our custom-made products are always manufactured using high-quality materials, and high-quality materials produce high-quality outcomes. No matter how big or small your project is, we'll always deliver professionalism and respect. 

Need Help Choosing the Right Boat Fender for Your Day Cruiser? We Can Help!

As we've already mentioned, there are many fendering options to choose from and considerations to make. Are you keen to explore more of the benefits of marine fenders and look at pricing? We've got you covered

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However, we're still adding the finishing touches - it'll be ready soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions that need answering please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team are always on hand and are happy to help!

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