Felt 30 Sheet

Firm felt 30 density pressed felt (also known as technical felt, industrial felt, fulled felt, woolfelt). Manufactured by blending, pressing, fulling and drying, to produce a non-woven homogenous mat of fibre, which can exhibit a wide variety of properties depending on the final hardness, thickness and blend of wool used in its make-up.

Used in the manufacture and cutting of anti-vibration pads, bearer felts, grease and oil seals, gaskets, filter pads, fluid wicking. A fibrous structure which can absorb and transmit fluids along capillary pathways and filter out solids or suspended liquids in gases (i.e. mists). A homogenous structure in that, if the surface is removed, it is replaced by a similar face without fraying.

All felt sheet is available per linear metre (1m minimum order).

Thickness (mm)

Roll Width (mm)


Lead Time



Off White

1-2 Days



Off White

1-2 Days

Resilience, ensuring excellent recovery of the material to its original dimensions after compression. High energy absorption, enabling large amounts of vibration or sound energy to be dissipated. Easily shaped by cutting or (in higher densities) machining and dimensionally stable in use, with minimum swelling and shrinking.

Operational over a wide temperature range. It maintains its properties over a range from -40 celsius to +100 celsius. 

100% wool felts exhibit self extinguishing properties and have a flash point over 450 celsius. Other properties include a good response to oxidation, ultra violet exposure (i.e. ageing) and non polar solvents. Wool felt offers a near constant coefficient of friction in both wet and dry conditions.

Material - Wool (97% wool min)

Weight - 300g/mm2

Temp range - -40 deg to +100 deg

Tolerance - (+/-15%)

Specification - bs4060:2006 a97/4w

Flamibility - self extingushing

Storage - Off floor level, kept dry and in sealed bags at room temperature