Electrical European Standard Fine Ribbed Class 1 Matting

Electrical European Standard Fine Ribbed Matting Class 1. Fine ribbed rubber matting to IEC61111-2009 class 1, is a high quality electrical safety matting fully tested to 7,500 volts working voltage with regulation standard stamped on reverse of roll at 1000mm intervals. Maximum safety working voltage of 7,500v.

It has a fine ribbed, anti-slip surface pattern on one side and a cloth impression finish on the reverse. Class 1 Withstand test:- 10kv - no electrical puncture Proof test : - 10 kv Working voltage : - 7.5 kv Thickness 3mm

Thickness (mm)

Roll Width (m)

Roll Length (m)


Lead Time





5 Days

Fully tested to specification. Health & safety regulation material. Fully traceable supply. Regulatory branding on reverse. Anti-slip finish. Low maintenance. This grade does not contain recycled rubber. This product is REACH, ROHS, PAH and CC compliant.

Colour - black

Polymer - EPDM

Density (s.g) - 1.5

Hardness shore (± 5) -75

Tensile strength (kg/ cm) -50

Abrasion resistance (mm3) - na

Elongation at break (%) - 200

Minimum temperature - -30

Maximum temperature -+120

Proof test: 10kv for 3 mins

Withstand test: 20 kv no electrical puncture

Working voltage: 7.5 kvolts