L Shaped Right Angle Rubber Extrusions

Extruded Rubber Angle L Shaped Sections

Walker Rubber has a large range of Angle extrusion sections (also known as L shaped extrusions or ‘right angle’ extrusions). These highly durable rubber angles provide great protection and sealing in a variety of applications such as protective edging, belt skirting and corner protection.

Material Types and Applications

Our angle sections are manufactured in a range of shapes and sizes in EPDM, Neoprene and Nitrile, however, we can manufacture in other rubber materials if required. The L section protector is ideal for high impact applications like car parks and loading bays where impact is possible.

It is also possible to mould rubber angles into corner sections so that they can be used as corner protection. Commonly these types of rubber guards are used in corridors and car parks to protect walls, trolleys and cars.

How are rubber angle profiles extruded?

We have over 20 different angle profiles in our standard extrusion catalogue, each of which has a unique former die that is used to extrude them. The die is placed on the bulkhead of the extruder and then the material is run through the shape to achieve the desired L shaped section.

If you can’t find a profile that meets your needs, then get in touch with our sales team to discuss a new design.

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