Edging, Panel Seals & Glazing Seals

Edging, Panel Seals & Glazing Seals

We carry a wide range of Rubber Edging, Glazing Seals and Panel Seals; take a look to see whether one fits your requirements. Read More.

Highly durable seals to face up to the wear and tear and tear caused from regular use

We offer a wide range of Edging, Glazing & Panel seals which are very easy to use; simply press over the edge of the glass, door or panel. The channel enables you to install the profiles without adhesive. This enables you to insert or remove the seals when required which is useful because it enables you to use one profile multiple times. They also feature a superb shape memory which enables our profiles to take care of their shape even after repeated use.

Types of rubber and PVC seals that we have to offer

Our Glazing Seal rubber extrusions are manufactured in various glass / panel combinations for glass, Perspex and acrylic. They're used in conjunction with filler strips which clamp the rubber in situ, available in black and chrome finish. Most frequently manufactured from EPDM, they provide excellent weathering, very long life and watertight performance.

Although the term edging trim is commonly used, edge protection trim is often made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or copolymers called thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

If you require edge trim for industrial / commercial applications, start by assessing the gap you need to cover, then identify trims which will fit over this gap. Usually, the gap is the size of the glass, flange or steel. Most trim is manufactured in black and a few in grey, however some materials such as Silicone or in some cases Neoprene come in colours.

PVC edging is dense and hard, making it ideal for high-impact scenarios where it will resist deformation caused. PVC trim also resists an array of chemicals like acids, alcohols, and oils.

EPDM trim is also used for edge protection, typically in U channel extrusion profiles. EPDM resists ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight, and is water resistant, making it the perfect material to be used outside and in harsh environments.

Product Composition

A key feature of our rubber Edge Trims is the unique construction of the profiles, containing a mixture of solid rubber, sponge rubber and metal to make a flexible whilst sturdy seal. The sponge sealing section is soft and versatile. This permits the rubber seal to manoeuvre to suit the empty space as needed. The closed cell sponge rubber enables a water and airtight seal to be created.

Unlike other industrial rubber products, installing edge trim does not require the use of metal or plastic fasteners, adhesive tapes, or liquid adhesives. Instead, rubber trim is designed to push or press onto a surface.

No matter which method you choose, working with us gives you access to the full range of design options since we source and manufacture thousands of meters of edging trim and seals every year.

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