Adhesives & Tapes

Rubber Adhesives

Walker Rubber offers a large range of adhesive products from recognised manufacturers. Selecting the ideal adhesive for you application is critical. Take a look to see whether one fits your requirements. Read More.

Walker Rubber’s extensive range of sealants and adhesives to use on rubber products.

We are able to supply a variety of Bostik products including Bostikure, Bostik 9252 Primer and a Bostik Adhesive Set which includes 1 ltr of Bostik 2402 and 250 ml of Bostikure curing agent set. In addition, we offer Multi-Purpose Adhesive Spray, Silcoset 153 Silicone Sealant and a selection of Tapes.

Working with sealants and adhesives in the Marine Environment

It is essential that adhesives and sealants prohibit moisture from penetrating joints when in the Marine environment. Our expert team can guide you to the correct product to achieve your intended results. From waterproof sealants to sealants you can paint over, we feel confident in being able to support our customers with any adhesive requirement they have.

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