Rollaway Bank Ladder

Our rollaway bank ladders are ideal for gaining access, up and down, uneven or slippery banks and slopes; notably where conventional ladders are impractical and - potentially - hazardous.

Manufactured to order, we are able to offer standard sizing profiles, as detailed in the below table - as well as custom made sizes - tailored to your specific requirements.

Our bank ladders can be rolled up for easy storage - and transportation - and are easily fixed into position using metal pins/pegs, fully secured through a metal reinforced plate to prevent damage in use.

Individual ladders can be easily connected together by our customers on-site, to form longer length ladders, where the application demands; allowing for single ladders to be used across multiple different banks and sites where required. Our standard sizes, detailed below, weigh approximately 25kg.

All ladders are backed with high-grip rubber to ensure extra stability, even in wet conditions.

Custom sizes are available, so please don't hesitate to get in touch with further detail of your specific requirements, using the 'Get Quote' button above.

Length (m)

Width (mm)

No. of Rungs

Lead Time




10 Days




10 Days