Firefighter's Pole Mat

Our firefighter's pole mats are built with safety and comfort of firefighters in mind. Our bespoke fabrication service will craft an impact mat to perfectly fit your situation. As standard, our firefighter's pole mat is supplied in a circular shape with a velcro-lined cut through the radius, allowing simple installation and removal.

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    We manufacture our firefighter's pole mat from 50mm EPDM foam, chosen for it's impact cushioning and protection properties. The foam then receives a skin of neoprene rubber, to offer a longer lasting product.

    In order to improve the ease at which the mat is installed and removed, a cut is made from the outer edge to the inner central hole, allow the mat to be wrapped around the pole. This is then further secured with velcro being bonded to the inned edge of the cut, firmly fastening the firefighter's pole mat in place and ready for use.

    All firefighter's pole mats are made to order - can be customised based on the desired dimensions and shape - and, typically, have a lead time of 10 working days. Get in touch today with further details of your requirements, using the Get Quote button above, and we'll back in touch with 1 working day.

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