Viton Sheet

Viton Rubber Sheet Suppliers

Viton Sheet (also known as FKM sheet) is available in a wide range of thicknesses; in addition, we can offer Viton sponge sheets too! Take a look at our range below.

What is Viton material?

Viton is a high-performance synthetic rubber that can deal with almost any environment. Its high specification properties make it suitable for high temperatures (of up to 250°C), suitable for contact with water, oils, grease and acids. This material is excellent in almost every application. Whilst the material is very effective at what it does, this does come at a price so please consider other options before committing to Viton.

What is the difference between Viton Type A and Type B?

The difference between the two types is simple, the fluorine content in Type B is higher than in type A (Type B: 68.5%, Type A: 66%). Increased fluorine content provides better resistance to fluids, improved flexibility and better resistance to sulphur dioxide.

What are the benefits of using Viton rubber?

Viton is an all-round, high performing material:

  • It has a working temperature ranging from -10°C to 250°C.
  • It is odour free and non-toxic
  • It is resistant to heat, grease, acids, oils and fuels.
  • It complies with REACH and PAK requirements.
  • It is FDA Approved

Other materials to consider

Given the cost, please consider if any of the alternatives might be suitable for your application. Please check out our blog on which materials to consider based on applications to learn more.

Sheet sizes

We supply a range of this material in different thicknesses (ranging from 1mm – 10mm) all of which are 1.2 metres wide. Our Viton can be supplied by the linear metre or by the roll. The rolls are supplied in lengths of either 10 or 5 metres, depending on the thickness of the material.

Cut to size and stripped Viton

We can offer Viton in its complete sheet form for you to cut down or alternatively you can benefit from our CNC cutting and stripping services. We can cut precisely and quickly with a ‘same day’ service in some circumstances if required.

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