Brick Grabs

Rubber Brick Grabs

Walker Rubber is a reliable supplier of rubber brick grabs and has a variety of products that can be used on your lifting equipment. We’ve built up a portfolio of profiles over the years - take a look at our selection below.

What are they used for?

Brick Grabs are used in grabbing and transferring bricks, concrete blocks and tiles. They’re commonly used on grab jaws and protect the bricks from damage by providing a strong but flexible buffer between the jaw and the brick.

Types of rubber brick grab

We understand that there are a variety of different clamp applications to match the grab mechanism and machine, therefore please get in touch with our sales team if you cannot find a suitable profile online, and we will look into manufacturing a new die to fit your application. Our standard range of brick grabs suits the following equipment: Scissor action clamps, tile clamps, parallel action clamps and yard scrapers & bushes.

What is the most appropriate material to extrude from?

Our extrusions are manufactured using high quality and durable EPDM which exhibits excellent tensile strength and tear resistance properties. In addition, its high resistance to water, ozone and weathering make it the perfect material to be used in outdoor applications like this.

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