Working with our customers to manufacture the highest quality rubber mouldings

Walker Rubber have been manufacturing since 1941. Most moulding requirements are unique to each and every customer. Because of this, we started a bespoke mouldings service which is committed to manufacturing your custom parts quickly, reliably and cost effectively and to your precise requirements. Read more.

Our Capabilities

We can provide parts from under 1g up to 200kg and from 1mm to 2m in size. We supply a comprehensive range of mouldings in a variety of compounds: EPDM, Neoprene, Natural, Nitrile Silicone, Viton, Polyurethane and TPE.

Working with customers to solve challenging problems is in our DNA. As such, we have developed a rich network of business partners harnessing the skills, knowhow and expertise of all of them to enable us to provide unrivalled service, speed and technical support to all our customers.

How are rubber mouldings made?

Compression mouldings are manufactured by pre-forming a slug of uncured rubber compound which is roughly the same shape and size (albeit slightly larger) than the finished product. This ‘blank’ is loaded into one half of the hot, open mould which is then closed and clamped under pressure between the heated plates of a moulding press. The heat and pressure initially cause the blank to soften and the rubber then flows to fill the shape of the cavity. The excess rubber flows out of a small gap between the two halves of the mould. Continued application of heat and pressure then begins the chemical reaction which solidifies and cures the rubber in the mould. Once this reaction is complete the pressure is released, the mould opened and the rubber moulding removed from the cavity. Any excess rubber is ‘trimmed’ from the finished part as it cools. This technique has been used for over 150 years. Mould tools can have multiple cavities and rubber-to-metal bondings are often produced this way.

Transfer moulding is similar to compression moulding but in this type of moulding the cavity is closed from the start. Above the cavity is a pot into which a slug of uncured rubber is placed and the rubber is squeezed through holes at the top of the cavity by a plunger which ‘transfers’ the rubber from the pot to the cavity as the press is closed. This process can be used to produce complex shapes with mould tools designed in such a way as to ensure the softened rubber flows to every nook and cranny of the closed mould tool before it starts to cure.

As the name implies, injection moulding entails forcing pre-warmed rubber into the cavities of the mould quickly by injecting rubber from a cylinder on top of the press into a pre heated and closed mould. The rubber is fed to the cylinder in strip form obviating the need for pre shaped blanks and this, coupled with the use of pre-warmed rubber makes this the most efficient method of manufacturing high volumes of small / medium sized parts.

Hand trimming utilises a range of hand tools to precisely craft / finish off the parts but there are some injection moulding techniques that can eliminate the need for any final trimming at all.

Walker Rubber offers a wide range of Rubber Moulding Products

Rubber Bellows
We can offer rubber bellows to bespoke customer designs using compression moulding. Large tools can be manufactured for high volume requirements or small tools to accommodate low volume requirements. Rubber bellows are commonly used to create seals and to protect moving parts. The amount of movement the bellows permit determines the size and number of convolutions in the bellow.

Rubber Gaiters
We can offer rubber gaiters to customer designs, these are commonly utilised with joysticks on to seal the part from liquids and dust. Gaiters can be manufactured in a variety of different compounds depending on the environment they are used in.

Protective Rubber cover mouldings
Protective rubber covers can be manufactured in a variety of different compounds depending on the environment they are used in. All of the products we offer are quality inspected, including the opportunity to view samples supplied if required. Whilst manufacturing and operating to ISO 9001 standards, we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service and products. We offer mouldings in a comprehensive range of different industries and environments that we feel confident in being able to support our customers with any rubber requirement.

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