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Rubber Matting

Walker Rubber offers over 30 different grades of rubber matting. Available from a range of thicknesses and supplied in sheet or roll form. Take a look to see which one fits your requirements. Read More.

Types of Rubber Matting

We stock a large range of specialist rubber matting products including our Honeycomb Ground Mats and British Standard Mats. This selection includes solutions for both internal and external applications, from construction matting used on sites to electrical safety matting.

Matting Sizes

All of our mats can be provided in the quantity and size that you require. Our rubber matting rolls usually come in 5-meter or 10-meter lengths, therefore our rolls are commonly sold in these lengths as well. Alternatively, you can buy per meter. However, if you require a shorter length, all of our products can be cut to size and length using the CNC machine in our UK manufacturing facility.

You can either make an enquiry for one of the sizes that we display online, or for specialised sizes you can make a free online enquiry using our contact us form.

We offer the following size options:
Standard sizes / by the roll
Cut to size /Customised sizes
High grade / specialists Rubber Strip and Rubber Roll
Large quantity orders

Take a look at our selection here.

Stock thickness range from 0.15mm up to 25mm
Shore A hardness range between 40° to 90° shore
Strips are usually black in colour, contact us for a more specific colour.

We can offer a matting solution for almost every application

Our rubber offers a cost effective, practical, durable, safe solution which protects your floor and reduces the danger of trip and slip hazards within your workplace and other anti-slip required areas.

Online, you can purchase mats made from a plethora of materials ranging from rubber to woven seagrass, nylon, aluminium, cork, polypropylene and coconut fibre. Because of this, it is important that you look for materials with characteristics capable of withstanding constant scraping and absorbing. This is going to allow the mat to trap the dirt and moisture while lasting longer.

We can provide rubber matting for a vast range of applications including:
Construction site high grip solutions, for floor usage, electrical applications, water-based applications and domestic uses.

We can provide any of the types of matting that you’d commonly find in B&Q or Screwfix, ranging from honeycomb ring, to ribbed and circular patterned matting. The advantage of using us though is that we can offer a wider choice of materials and can cut to your specification rather than choosing from a limited selection.

If you’re unsure which type to use in contact with water, o-zone, oil, high temperatures and other applications, get in touch with our expert team and we can guide you through the options.

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