B Section - D Centres Extrusion

Protect walls and marine vehicles from high impact collisions and scrapes with our bespoke D centred B section extrusion. Thanks to the optimised compression of our B shaped fenders and protectors, the energy transfer between a moving object and the surface you aim to protect is minimised drastically, keeping your property in pristine working condition after heavy duty impacts. Expertly engineered using a smooth-finish, black EPDM 70 shore material, these D centred B profile bumpers are highly durable with excellent weather and temperature resistance (-50° to + 130°C). Ideal for indoor, outdoor and marine use, whilst being easy to install in complex areas.

These rubber bumper and wall protector profiles are great for...

  • Boat fenders
  • Wall protection
  • Trolley buffers
  • Brewery buffers

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    Terms and Conditions
    30-day money-back guarantee
    Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

    All our extrusion products are made to order and are available for collection - or despatch - typically within 10 working days. Additional time will be required in instances where tooling and material requirements differ from current availability.

    As standard, our extrusions are produced in black EPDM 70 Shore, offering an excellent range of varying properties, ideally suited to an array of different applications and uses.

    Other available extrusion materials include:

    • EPDM 80 Shore
    • Nitrile
    • Neoprene

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    We offer finishing services are also available on all extrusions orders, including;

    • Pre-drilled holes to requirement
    • Cut to any defined range of lengths

    All of our extrusion products and variants are subject to minimum order quantities, so please get in touch if you wish to find out more information and get a price for your order.

    Full details and a library of our existing tool range will soon be added to each of the extrusion products for use. In the meantime, there are a selection of available tooling .pdfs for reference, available on our downloads page.

    Reference A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) Material Hardness (Shore A)
    202552 50 16 7.67 18 5 5 3 EPDM 70
    206047 38 25 18 14 5 5 3 EPDM 70
    209168 63 22 12 25 5 10 4 EPDM 70
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