Alongside our rubber extrusions and gasket cutting services, we have also been selling custom moulded rubber components since 1985. 

With our extensive network of specialist bespoke moulding partners - grown organically over a number of years - we're perfectly positioned to ensure your order is fulfilled with the utmost care and attention, whilst ensuring delivery is also accomplished in a timely fashion.

As is very often the case, your desired mould, will be entirely unique to your application, making an 'off-the-shelf' purchase impossible. With this in mind, we have a team on-site ready and waiting to assist with your order. 

  • Custom manufacturing to your specification

  • Wide range of materials including EPDM, Nitrile, SBR and Silicone

  • Rubber-to-metal bonding

  • Roller re-covering service

  • In house design, development and manufacture

  • Purchase with confidence from a UK manufacturer with a 50-year reputation for outstanding customer service

  • Call or email now for price and delivery options

After establishing your particular requirements - and the scale of manufacturing run - we will be able to help advise on the best material available for your needs.

We can facilitate either multi-impression rubber moulds - for small components - or single impression rubber moulds for large components and short runs.

Rubber can also be moulded directly onto metal components, giving a high-performance - and lasting - bond between the two materials. In addition to moulding products from scratch, we also offer a re-covering service for rollers and crawler wheels, extending the lifespan of these components.


Complete the form below or call us on 
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Step 1: Obtain a Quotation

We can manufacture or source moulded rubber components for just about any application. If you're looking for a manufacturer to assist with parts, just get in touch to discuss how we can assist and get a quote.

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Step 2: Place Rubber Moulding Order

You simply need to supply us with a drawing of your desired moulded rubber parts/components to allow us to manufacture the necessary mould for your rubber components.

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Step 3: Receive Your Products

Depending on the urgency you require, there are a number of options available for delivery/collection; including same-day collection, next day delivery or standard shipping.