One of the leading manufacturing experts of rubber gaskets in the UK.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, an outstanding product and swift turnaround time from ordering to delivery. 

Given our extensive level of experience, in-house machinery and expertise, we’re sure we’ll be the perfect partner for your rubber gasket requirements.


Our specialist rubber gasket cutting service allows many different variables to be taken into account, resulting in the manufacture of your perfect components.

We also offer a  'Same Day Cutting Service' on urgent rush jobs; allowing same day collection and a range of delivery/courier services!  

1. Call Us To Confirm

We can cut any of our stocked materials under our same-day cutting service; sheet nitrile, sheet neoprene, insertion rubber and more. Just get in touch to discuss our current supply.

2. Drawing/Dimensions

You simply need to supply us with a drawing of your desired gaskets/washers/pads - or the dimensions of your strip - to allow us to programme your order into our CNC machine.

3. Select Service & Order

Depending on the urgency you require, there are a number of options available for delivery/collection; including same-day collection, next day delivery or standard shipping.


Complete the form below or call us on 
01603 904372 and receive a quote within 1 hour.

*Please Note: We can NOT supply any gaskets or other products based on vehicle makes and models, alone. We will require technical drawings and dimensions, in order to assist with these enquiries. In these scenarios, we would recommend contacting the vehicle manufacturer in the first instance. Thanks*


Our top of the line  industrial CNC machine makes light work of cutting your rubber gaskets, pads and washers. We'll design and programme the software for the precise cutting of your gaskets, washers, pads and sheet material products.

Our CNC cutting machine can accommodate sheets up to 2m wide and, with it's conveyor, allows us cut to any length required; dependent on the raw material available. 

However, our bespoke cutting service isn’t just limited to this range, so get in touch with us today and receive quote from one of our in-house sheet cutting experts.

We have many specialised materials available, all are available in a range of thicknesses in sheet and roll form, perfect to suit your requirements.  Keeping a wide-range of rubber, cork and other materials in stock, ensures that we have a suitable material for your gasket; with the correct attributes and strengths.

We manufacture all products to your intricate requirements - whilst providing insight, knowledge and experience throughout the process - to ensure that the end result is perfectly fit for the desired purpose.

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