Marine Rubber Components and Solutions

Over time, rubber fenders, seals and mouldings deteriorate and eventually perish. Prolonged exposure to water and the elements in marine industries means that expected shelf life may arrive quickly. Our rubber solutions are highly resistant to that degradation.

If your vessel is a ship, passenger ferry, trawler, pleasure boat or canal barge; whether you operate a port, harbour, jetty, pontoon or lock or even if you simply need to replace the rubber protection bumpers on your trailer, our UK-based manufacturing resources and expertise are at your disposal to supply the rubber fenders, seals and mouldings you need.

Fast turnaround and cost-effective solutions are underpinned by over 80 years of marine rubber know-how.

Marine Rubber Fender Profiles

Premium quality EPDM rubber fenders are either manufactured to order from our standard range or designed to meet your specific needs. Our rubber fender profiles provide unrivalled protection in a wide range of marine applications, protecting boats, jetties and landing stages.

If you have purchased fenders for boat use before or are looking to make a purchase, you will know that there are many types to choose from. Rubber fenders are a very popular choice as they provide a high level of compatibility with plastic and metal liners, as well as excellent flexibility in their design and installation. Our heavy-duty EPDM rubber which is used to manufacture them is highly resistant to degradation in all outdoor and marine applications and is frequently used in water.

Flat base D and B fenders are a common choice for boats, docks and marinas and alternatives come in round and flat configurations. All are typically manufactured from heavy impact EPDM rubber. These types of fender have excellent dimensional stability and impact resistance compared to other types of material. We have a choice of standard solid or hollow D-Sections as well as B-Sections (also known as Double D-Sections), both of which are great for protecting whatever you need. They are extremely tough and designed to withstand the harshest conditions, in exposed marine environments.

Cylindrical rubber fenders are also a very durable option. These are typically mounted horizontally to provide a much larger clearance between the stern of a craft and the front of the keel or hull.



If your order is urgent, no one can get it to you in a shorter timeframe than Walker Rubber.


Your product, designed and manufactured to your specifications in our UK manufacturing facility.


Over 90% of the enquiries we receive are quoted on the same day.

Did You Know...?

Additionally, Norfolk and Suffolk are bases for many offshore renewable industries, with marine craft serving rigs and wind turbines alike from ports like Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Felixstowe.

Walker Rubber provides marine rubber components for the leisure and commercial industries, locally and nationally.

Windmill by the broads
Marine Rubber Fender Extrusions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a rubber fender?

We are commonly asked this question by our customers, so we decided to write a blog on how to install a rubber fender – you can access it here!

Do you have a catalogue of marine fender profiles?

Yes we do, please check our online store to view our range of rubber fenders here!

Other Services

Walker Rubber provides a wide range of services suitable to the marine industry.
We have highlighted three of them below.


We can deploy both multi-impression rubber moulds for small components and single impression rubber moulds for large components and short runs. We also supply rubber products moulded directly onto metal, forming a long-lasting bond.


Our state-of-the-art industrial CNC machine makes light work of cutting your rubber gaskets, pads, and washers. We’ll design and programme the software for precision design of your gaskets, washers, pads, and sheet material products from a range of different rubbers we stock.


Our specialist and bespoke rubber extrusion service has been set up to ensure that we're able to fulfil the demanding needs of all our customers. With over 8 decades of expertise, we now have over 2,000 extrusion profiles available that may already meet your requirements. Contact us today to find out more. And if they don’t, let us design and manufacture new ones for your rubber needs.

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