Specialised Rubber Solutions for Engineering Companies and Projects

Owned and run by engineers, Walker Rubber prides itself on supplying elastomeric products for the widest range of engineering applications quickly, reliably and cost effectively. Elastomeric, in case you're wondering, is an adjective that describes the rubber-like properties of a polymer. If a load is removed from an elastomeric product, it should reform and regain its original shape.

Our UK manufacturing facility has over 70 different stocked materials so gaskets, strip or cut sheet can often be shipped on the same day if needed and our lead times on extrusions and rubber mouldings are rarely bettered.

In fact, our stock is rather like elastomer - once it starts to deplete, new products replace it so the inventory regains its original shape.

Stretching a metaphor, we know!

Rubber Extrusions for Engineers

Whether you need one of our standard extrusions or something unique, we provide top quality, cost-effective solutions, designed and manufactured directly from our UK rubber facility in Norwich, UK. Our extensive capabilities enable us to manufacture new, or replacement components for the engineering industry and our existing customers know they can rely on our expertise and know-how to manufacture rubber products used in the widest range of demanding engineering applications.

Why it's critical to choose the correct elastic materials for your engineering project

Rubber is a widely used and essential engineering material. Its unique properties are exploited by numerous organisations in a very wide range of engineering applications. In certain instances, selecting the most appropriate rubber compound for a specific application can determine the success or failure of a project. Walker Rubber maximises the success of your engineering project with our long heritage of design and manufacturing excellence.




If your order is urgent, no one can get it to you in a shorter timeframe than Walker Rubber.


Your product, designed and manufactured to your specifications in our UK manufacturing facility.


Over 90% of the enquiries we receive are quoted on the same day.

Did You Know...?

Kings Cross Railway Station Where Walker Rubber Rubber Was Used
Glazing Section Render

Frequently Asked Questions From Engineers

Which rubber material is best for my application?

We are commonly asked this question by our customers, so we decided to write a blog on a buyer's guide to rubber – you can access it here !

Can I send over a bespoke drawing for you to manufacture from?

Yes, you can, you can send over PDFs, CAD drawings or even sketches if you have neither of the previous.

What are your tolerances for manufactured goods?

The tolerance on manufactured goods varies depending a number of factors, including profiles, material, order length etc. If you'd like the specific tolerance that we'll be able to work with on your order, please get in touch and one of the Sales team will assist.

Can you supply samples?

If we happen to hold some extrusions from a previous overrun, we'll be happy to supply. However, due to the nature of our manufacturing process and the efficient planning/use of material, this is unfortunately not always possible. However, we do offer samples of sheet material and can offer life-sized drawings for you to print off and inspect.

What are your standard manufacturing lead times?

Our standard lead time for extrusions is 10 working days, for CNC machined goods is 5 working days, Moulding and Fabrication jobs is 10 working days + (depending on the nature of the product).

We can expedite your order if you require it sooner. We strive to push through urgent orders in as little time as possible – this is what we're really successful at! If we have capacity, in some cases we can manufacture your extrusions and gaskets on the same day as your order, but please check with our sales team to confirm availability.

Other Services

Walker Rubber provides a wide range of services suitable to the engineering industry.
We have highlighted three of them below.


We can deploy both multi-impression rubber moulds for small components and single impression rubber moulds for large components and short runs. We also supply rubber products moulded directly onto metal, forming a long-lasting bond.


Our state-of-the-art industrial CNC machine makes light work of cutting your rubber gaskets, pads, and washers. We’ll design and programme the software for precision design of your gaskets, washers, pads, and sheet material products from a range of different rubbers we stock.


Our specialist and bespoke rubber extrusion service has been set up to ensure that we're able to fulfil the demanding needs of all our customers. With over 8 decades of expertise, we now have over 2,000 extrusion profiles available that may already meet your requirements. Contact us today to find out more. And if they don’t, let us design and manufacture new ones for your rubber needs.

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