What is Rubber Moulding

Rubber Moulding

Rubber moulding is a process that takes raw rubber material and turns it into a product of the desired 3D geometry. Due to rubber being incredibly elastic – meaning that it goes back to its original shape after being compressed – it is a very popular material for mouldings in industrial applications.

Rubber mouldings serve the purpose of reducing vibration and noise (rubber bumpers, bushings, pads, and isolators), prevent leaks and friction (rubber diaphragm, O-rings, and seals), reduce damage between interacting components (rubber grommets and plugs), providing support (rubber mounts), handling and manipulating items with flat surfaces (rubber suction cup) and distributing load (rubber washers), just to name a few. It is easy to see that rubber mouldings are incredibly useful and important.

There are a few different methods of rubber moulding processes, each with its own benefits and drawback.

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