Silcoset 153 Silicone Sealent

Silcoset 153 Silicon Sealent.

Silcoset is a durable and reliable silicone adhesive sealant which is suitable for use in many industries to bond a wide range of substrate materials. It exhibits good primerless adhesion to many substrates and cures rapidly at room temperature when in contact with atmospheric moisture. It is one in a range of acetoxy cure products which are solvent free. Silcoset 153 is easy to apply and is usually tack free within 10-20 minutes under normal conditions.

Key Features:

  • Good electrical insulation
  • Resistance to ageing, weathering, ozone, and corona
  • Resistance to oxidation and many oils, chemicals, and solvents.
  • Excellent bonding to a wide range of materials
  • Self-bonding

Can bond to:

  • Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Most plastics
  • Silicone

Not recommended for use with:

  • Lead
  • Copper and its associated alloys or in electronic assemblies

Curing Time:

  • 4mm thickness will be cured within 24 hours under normal ambient conditions

Typical Applications:

  • Aerospace approved
  • Defence
  • Military
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