Double Sided Cloth Tape

Double Sided Cloth Tape

Adhesive tape consists of a pressure-sensitive adhesive bonded to a carrier or backing material. The backing is typically made from cloth, paper, metal foil, plastic, or foam. A thin layer of primer is often added to reinforce the bond between the adhesive and the backing. There is normally a release liner which makes the tape easy to use. In double sided tape the adhesive is applied to both sides of the backing.

Adhesive and cohesive forces.

Figure 1: Layers of adhesive tape.

Adhesive tape will form a bond with a surface when minimal pressure is applied. Tapes can either be designed for permanent or removable applications. Adhesive tapes are versatile and easy to use. They are widely employed for domestic and industrial applications.

Double sided cloth tape is designed with polyester cloth which is coated on both sides with a white-hot melt synthetic rubber and hydrocarbon resin adhesive, interleaved with a siliconized paper liner. Hot melt adhesives provide good tack, excellent adhesion to wet substrates as well as good adhesion to polar substrates. However, they are only suitable for low duty applications.


  • No curing necessary
  • Uniform adhesive thickness
  • Highly versatile
  • A clean bond is produced
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • Lower adhesive forces compared to glues and sealants
  • Not suitable for high stress applications
  • Underperform at low and high temperatures

Typical Applications:

  • Protective covering from scratch, impact, moisture, chemicals, and dirt
  • Seal openings
  • Labels – used in many industries
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