Rubber Compounds, Multiple Colours

To change the colour of a rubber, coloured pigments can be added to the compound. Selection of a colour can be complicated and is normally done by a qualified colour technician. The colour can often be the most expensive ingredient in a compound. There are different types of colourants available depending on the intended use of the rubber. For example, more durable colourants should be used if the rubber is intended to be used outdoors.

When selecting a colourant, it is also important to consider the other ingredients in the compound. White clay and mineral fillers must be used in coloured compounds which tend to be less reinforcing than Carbon Black and do not offer the same level of UV protection. Neoprene can make for reasonably strong non-black compounds and is available in a variety of colours.

At Rubber Walker, we offer grades of EPDM in black, white, and grey. All other rubbers are available in black.

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