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Having been in business for 80 years, Walker Rubber has a substantial range of experience from working with its customers in all industries and sectors. Walker Rubber has stepped in countless times to provide demanding products for time critical projects when others have been left scratching their heads. Couple that with the advantages of manufacturing in the UK and our persistent drive to deliver exceptional customer service and it’s easy to see why we continue to thrive after over 80 years.

Industries we support

Walker Rubber have been rubber distributors of mouldings, extrusions, gaskets, seals, sheet and strip to many industries over the years. Our excellent service and response times are highly valued attributes appreciated by our loyal customers in these sectors.

The importance of selecting the right rubber compound

Rubber is a commonly used and vital engineering material. Its distinctive properties are used by many organisations in an extremely wide range of industries and engineering applications. In many cases, choosing the most suitable rubber compound for an application can define whether the project is successful or not. Here at Walker Rubber, we understand the importance of selecting the appropriate compound and given our experience, we are perfectly positioned to help.

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