3 Popular D Fender & Rubber Bumper Uses

Some of our largest and most popular rubber extrusions - D Fenders - are manufactured and supplied to the marine and logistic trades. Chosen with a profile that will allow for maximum protection, and manufactured using a firm rubber compound, these bumpers, fenders and strakes absorb forceful kinetic energy and impacts that could – otherwise – severely damage expensive boats, lorries, marines, loading bays, causing potential issues with long-term structural integrity.

Our rubber D fenders are typically manufactured with EPDM rubber, often with a 70 shore hardness, promoting the qualities desired of the end product.

  • Long lasting and highly durable

  • Temperature range ideally suited for application (from -20°C to over +150°C)

  • Excellent abrasion resistance and rebound capabilities

  • Water resistance and strong resistance to UV, ozone and weathering

  •        Low-cost when compared to alternatives, such as silicon

Dock and Marine Bumpers

Typically Hollow D and Solid D Fender Profiles

This is one of the most common uses for our extruded D fenders. Given the prospective cost implications involved in damage and liabilities, sustained by impact between expensive boats and marinas, the value of purchasing fenders as an additional layer of protection is a no-brainer. The hollow D fender profile acts as an invaluable buffer between boats and marina walls, jettys and docks etc. absorbing the damaging kinetic energy and impact.

The situation and area requiring protection, and the boats/ships/vessels involved in expected impact, will help inform the best profile for suitability. For instance, whilst hollow D profiles will be the best option for smaller boats and ships, they may not provide quite enough protection against impact for larger industrial boats and frigates. In these instances, the solid D fender may be more suitable. Whilst they don’t have the hollow inner, meaning they’re not so good with compression and absorbing low levels of kinetic energy, they are more solid and firm, allowing greater longevity and resistance against higher levels of impact and pressure.

Boat Bumper/Rubbing Strake

Typically Hollow D Fender Profiles

As with dock and marine bumpers, boat mounted hollow D fenders can be installed to provide protection against impacts; most notably during moorings and dockings. For maximum protection - and therefore minimal residual damage via impact - having mounted rubber fenders on both the sea craft and docking area/marina is the ideal solution, offering impact protection on both sides.

The collision of rubber bumper to rubber bumper allows for dispersion of kinetic energy and impact across both fenders, greatly diminishing the likelihood of structural damage to vessel or marina. With a range of hollow – and solid – D fender sizes available, it’s possible to use these fenders and rubbing strakes for most seafaring vessels and boats.

Internal Warehousing and Factory Impact Protection

Typically Hollow D Fender Profile

Unlike the other noted uses, our hollow D fenders offer excellent attributes for indoor use. In warehousing and other areas in which contact could occur between a machine (such as a forklift truck for instance) and a fixed/static object (such as a wall or structural steel column etc.) a D fender would provide notable impact protection. In these instances, it’s more likely that the moving variable - such as the forklift truck – will incur the damage due to its comparatively lightweight construction and solidity. However, well placed D fenders will – again – assist in absorbing any damaging impact, caused by contact, ensuring that the machinery remains in good working, and aesthetic, order.

Dependent on the sizing and profile of the D fenders in any of the aforementioned scenarios, there are a number of additional options available, when supplied directly by Walker Rubber including;

  • Fenders cut to defined lengths and desired sizes

  •       Holes predrilled, ahead of despatch, to allow for easy placement and fitting in situ

If you’d like to learn more about our range of D fenders, rubbing strakes and bumpers, simply get in touch with our sales team, who will be happy to assist with your enquiry further. They can be reached directly via our contact form, via email at sales@walker-rubber.co.uk or by the phone – during our opening hours – on 01603 487371.

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