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Rubber Information

Types of Rubber


Black Neoprene 

  • Hardness typically 60-65 Shore
  • Temperature -10C to +70C
  • Moderate resistance to ozone
  • Moderate resistance to weathering

Comments: A good, low cost material suitable for minor mechanical demands.



  • Hardness typically 70 Shore
  • Temperature -20C to +100C
  • Excellent ozone resistance
  • Excellent resistance to weathering 

Comments: A good material where a high resistance to the elements or wet conditions are required.


E.P.D.M. 24130

  • Hardness 65-70 U.R.H.D
  • Tensile strength 6.44 MPA
  • Elongation @ brake 333%
  • Tensile strength
  • After 24 hours 70C 6.97 MPA
  • Elongation @ brake 325%
  • Water absorbsion
  • 24 hours @ room temperature 0.5%
  • Compression set 28%
  • 24 hours @ 70C
  • Temperature range -40C to + 120C

Comments: Commercial grade EPDM for extrusion. It is a 65-70 I.R.H.D. material with excellent ageing and weather properties. Excellent ozone resistance and god general chemical resistance



  • Hardness typically 70 Shore
  • Temperature -20 to +80C
  • Good resistance to oil
  • Good resistance to benzene (also suitable for unleaded fuels)
  • Moderately resistant to acids Resistant to strong bases 

Comments: A good material where oils, benzene or acids are involved.


Nitrile 24133

  • Hardness 60-70 I.R.H.D.

Heat resistance

  • Maximum constant 100C
  • Maximum intermittent 130C
  • Lowest temperature -20C


  • Oxidation Good
  • Ozone/Weather Fair
  • ASTM oil no.1 @ 20C Excellent
  • ASTM oil no.1 @ 100C Good
  • ASTM oil no.3 @ 20C Excellent
  • ASTM oil no.3 @100C Good
  • ASTM fuel b @ 40C Fair

Solvent resistance (20C)

  • Alcohol Good
  • Acetone Unsatisfactory
  • Benzene Unsatisfactory

Chemical resistance

  • Acids Good
  • Bases Fair


  • Physical strength: Good
  • Compression: Set Good
  • Tear/Abrasion resistance: Good
  • Electrical strength: Good
  • Water resistance: Good

The aromatic content of oil has moderate swell effect on rubber. ASTM oil no.1 (flash point 243C Aniline point, 124C) has a swell effect. ASTM oil no.3 (flash point 163C Aniline point, 70C) has a severe swell effect.  Both oils are Petroleum based 


Tan Shotblast

  • Hardness typically 40 Shore
  • Temperature -40C to +70C
  • Moderately resistant to acid
  • Good resistance to strong bases
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion

Comments: A good material where a lot of abrasion occurs and where a high elasticity is required.


Insertion Rubber

  • Hardness typically 70 Shore
  • Temperature -10C to +70C
  • Moderately resistant to acid
  • Moderately resistant to bases 

Comments: A reinforced material which can be used for minor demands. The reinforcement helps to stop the rubber spreading when clamped down.


White Food Quality Neoprene

  • Hardness typically 60 - 65 Shore
  • Temperature -10C to +70C
  • Moderately resistant to acid
  • Moderately resistant to strong bases
  • Moderately abrasion resistant

Comments: a good material where a food quality rubber is required i.e. where the rubber is coming into contact with food products or liquids.


Neoprene. 24129 

  • Hardness 65-75 I.R.H.D.
  • Tensile strength 6.5 MPA
  • Elongation @ brake 300%
  • After 24 hours 70C 6.4 MPA
  • Elongation @ brake 300%
  • Water absorbsion
  • 24 hours @ room temperature 0.5%
  • Compression set 33%
  • Temperature range -10C to + 105C

Commercial grade neoprene for extrusion. It is a 65-75 I.R.hD. material with good general resistance to ozone weathering and moderatly resistant to acids, animal, vegetable, chemicals.


Red / White Silicone

  • Hardness typically 60 Shore
  • Temperature -40C to +200C

Comments: Silicone is an excellent material for low and high temperature applications where you need a seal to stay flexible and not go brittle. It also is a food quality material.


Klingersil C-4324 - Gasket Material

  • Hardness N/A
  • Temperature varies according to grade Resistant to oil
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons
  • Good with low pressure steam

Comments: A good material for various applications in general industrial service...


Cork Gasket

  • Hardness typically 65 - 80 Shore
  • Temperature -10C to +110C
  • Resistant to oil Resistant to petrol

Comments: A medium compressible high density cork and rubber material. A good material for automotive and marine applications.


Rubber Bonding

Nitrile, neoprene and natural rubbers can be bonded by the use of adhesives, enabling complex shapes to be created. Rubber can also be bonded to metal, and we have the facilities to carry out this process in house, examples being covering (and re-covering) rollers and crawler wheels, anti-vibration mounts etc. Please contact us or call in and ask a member of staff for any further details.



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