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We have been extruding rubber profiles in-house since 1985 and now have over 1500 different dies. We also have an in-house machining facility, so that if we cannot supply your exact requirements, we can machine a die to your specifications at low cost and with a fast turnaround.

Extrusions can be produced in straight lengths or coiled, depending on shape and size. We also have the ability to cure the extrusion around a former for a particular application e.g. circular seals.

We charge a low development cost for tooling as this allows us to enter new sections into our catalogue.  Current pricing for tooling exclusive of VAT and subject to change, are as follows:

The prices for a standard 3", 6" or a 9" die are £150.00 + VAT.  If the die is intricate then the cost may be increased to reflect this.

Please contact us or call in and ask a member of staff for any further details.

Emailextrusion@walker-rubber.co.uk Tel: 01603 487371

Profile types include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • 'D' section - hollow and solid
  • Double 'D' section - hollow and solid
  • 'U' channels
  • 'P' sections - hollow and solid
  • Edging strips
  • Seal sections
  • Rubbing strips
  • Speed Restriction Strips (Sleeping Policemen)

Extrusions are suitable for many applications including marine, motor vehicles, fork lift trucks, factory walls, loading bays, container door seals, channel edging strips and cab tyre.

Illustrations of the more common sections can be found in the PDF downloads list on the Extrusion products page.

Extrusions can be produced in Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene and Natural rubber. For further explanation of rubber types and their applications please see our Rubber Types page found in the information section at the bottom of the page.

Many profiles are available from stock or can be made at short notice.

For more information about the different types of rubber we use, please visit our rubber information page.

Important Note

From 25/04/16 each product will now have a minimum order quantity. This will be applied per product ordered, i.e. if multiple products are ordered on a single order the minimum order quantity will apply to each product, not across the selection of products.

The vast majority of our extrusions are manufactured in EPDM due to its good all round properties and low cost.

Please Note – Longer lead times may result when requesting alternative materials in small quantities (Nitrile, Neoprene and Natural). This is because it is not cost effective to run the extruder for a very small quantity of these materials. We therefore try to combine several orders for one particular material.



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